about me


Hey! I'm Cookie and I am from Jackson, Mississippi. I'm a country, kinda shy, witty mermaid from the south who loves making cool stuff, traveling, collecting vintage thingamabobs and Kid Goku lol.

I enjoy bringing nostalgic characters from my favorite childhood cartoons/movies to life using my love for crafting and GFX. I mostly cosplay my favorite 90s characters that give me that good ole nostalgic feeling. I am also a DBZ fan, so I cosplay those characters quite often as well. 

I graduated from ULM, majoring in Mass Communication with a concentration in Digital Media and a minor in Art. Currently, I am a full-time creative entrepreneur! I am a cosplayer and content creator, as you already know lol, and I have my own digital Graphic Design business called Inkfolio. A few years ago, I opened a new branch to my business called Inkfolio Stationery where I handcraft wedding invitations for brides! I love this part of my business the most!

I am also a Pin Up Model. I absolutely love all things vintage! You can find my vintage posts but visiting the pinup section of my website or following me on pin up Instagram & Facebook page.




Be the best YOU you can be EVERYDAY! Give your ALL, be kind and be happy, for you never know what tomorrow holds. When reminiscing about a happy moment, most times it's from your childhood; thinking of that old cartoon you loved or trying to get to the next level on super nintendo with your cousins. Fast forward to adulthood. Bills, stress, and just LIFE! lol We sometimes forget about those heartfelt feelings, until we are reminded again. Well, welcome to Cookie Corp! We all need to smile, laugh, feel happiness and experience NOSTALGIA. I swear it is the best feeling! Life is so short. Do what makes you happy and love what makes you smile. This is why I love cosplaying and sharing my content with yall! I'm here to remind you of that place deep inside that you may have forgotten was even there. I want my cosplays to make you feel happiness, inspire you, encourage freedom to be who you are, self love, and kindness. I really hope that my content can evoke these cheerful feelings for you. Fun fact: Cookie Corp actually derives from DBZ's Capsule Corp. I got the idea to change my social media handle from "Cookiemodel" to Cookie Corp. after releasing my Bulma cosplay. I also felt the name was fitting, being that I love Kid Goku so much. To me, he is the definition of strength, kindness, and faith in yourself. I love that little naive kid. :)


Fav movie: Rush Hour & Hocus Pocus Fav animated series: The Proud Family Fav animated character: Kid Goku & Ariel Fav anime: Death Note, Attack on Titan, DBZ (was my first) Fav TV series: True Blood Fav food: Shrimp & crab legs ( I LOVEEEEE SEAFOOD!!) Fav dessert: Birthday cake Fav theme songs: Goof Troop, Pokemon (I didn't watch much Pokemon but I love the intro) & Step by Step


1. I'm afraid of the dark. 2. I hate scary movies; I don't like to be scared! 3. I talk to cats. 4. I don't typically say cuss words lol 5. I don't dance in public, unless I've had enough liquid courage. :) 6. I stand like a flamingo when I brush my teeth. 7. I sleep with one finger in my ear because I'm afraid something might crawl in there while I'm asleep lol 8. I love kids and cute animals 9. I have a thing for lady bugs, vintage light bulbs, & unique glass bottles 10. I absolutely HATE hot dogs. Please don't eat them next to me. I might throw up.


I started cosplaying "officially" in December 2018. This is when I turned my personal IG account into a cosplay account. Flashback...As a kid, I use to go trick-or-treating EVERY year. It was my favorite time of the year. Then one year we joined a new church. GOODBYE Halloween, HELLO Hallelujah night -_- lol I really missed the DIY costume making and door to door adventures. Fastforward to October 2018. I was feeling a little down. I had recently quit a toxic job, and started my graphic design company, but I still felt like I was missing something. There was a void in my creative self. I needed a new project. So I decided to do some things that made me happy. One of those things was going treat-or-treating with my little cousins. Yes. Trick-or-treating as an adult! I also decided to make my own costume. That costume was Maleficent. I spent that week creating my Maleficent cosplay and I LOVED it! It was so much fun, and I realized how enjoyable that week was for me. I fell in love and here we are today!